Art Machine
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Our first test with Arudino and Processing went really well. The whole idea was to make a proof of concept that our art machine was technically plausible. We knew that beforehand of course, but we had to do it for ourselves. We tested the data flow from an analog switch to a digital input on the Arduino, over the serial/USB connection and finally to the Processing where we take that first analog input from the switch and use it to produce on-screen graphics. Three switches were also used to power on the corresponding LEDs and this was controlled with Arduino directly. One of the things we also wanted to test was the simultaneous input from the switches. Each switch generated it’s own circle in Processing. The longer the switch was pressed the circle grew bigger and more transparent.



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“No emotion, any more then a wave, can long retain its own individual form.”

Henry Ward Beecher

DreamCatcher A Native American traditional object made using leather strips and beads, the dream catcher is a circular web that is hung above someone’s bed to ward off, or “catch” bad dreams.


MindCatcher Interactive Installation made using computer based environment, MindCatcher is virtual web that surrounds visitors and catch their emotions and expressions in a form of audio-visual sentences. The installation has initial audio-visual sentences. The system is growing with new every expressions caught in the virtual net.

The system is not catching only the end product / audio-visual sentences but also the process (behavior) which leads to emotional expression.

MindCatcher is interactive learning system where participants leaves their emotions, expressions or just reactions contributing to dictionary for new communication between network members and immersive system itself.

Creativity as a phenomenon was studied across several disciplines like psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy, technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, etc. As a result, many definitions and approaches were created and lots of intriguing questions were posed to be answered, such as: Which are the important mental operations in creative human behavior? How do perceptual processes influence the way we create? Can we determine model of creative pattern before original pattern is made?

Any thinking process in which original patterns are formed and expressed.

H. H. Fox

In our project The MindCatcher we are interested in interest in  exploring the relationship between creativity and general intelligence; the mental and neurological processes associated with creative activity; personality type and creative ability; creativity and mental health; creativity in education; and ways of fostering creativity through training and technology. The main interest in this part of the thesis is the relationship between perception, emotions and behaviors.