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About Mind Catcher

MindCatcher is an art machine which tries to embrace visitors in personal and collaborative creative ecstasy. The machine offers audio-visual vocabulary and touches sensitive space for creative dialogue that is to be established between machine and other participants in a collaborative act of making.

The project has intention to explore relation between emotions and behavior toward creativity. Background of the project is artistic on one side and scientific, on another. Research-based part refers to different psychological and philosophical aspects such as constrains, errors, curiosity, understanding, meanings, reactions, perception as well as technological like immersible environment, interactivity, content-aware systems and  multi-sensory interface.

Visitors (participants) are exposed to three dimensional audio, visual and tactile experiences. The question to be investigated in the research is how such multimedia interactive system affects emotional and creative processes and do we have correlation between certain phases of behavior?

Widely, the installation also comments on knowledge, perception, and communication. From contemplative to informative, from ancient and renaissance focus on nature, meanings, relations and power of human creativity to 21st century human interpret-ability, virtual friends society and on 120 characters limited communicability.


Predrag Nikolić
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Digital Arts
+381 63 241557